Asa Tittle

Asa Tittle is a bright seven-year-old homeschooler who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. He has eight siblings and enjoys vexillology, cartography and geography.

On April 27th, 2014, the Tittle home was destroyed by an EF4 tornado, killing Asa’s father Rob and his two sisters Tori and Rebekah.

Asa learned to process his grief through storytelling of a delightful platypus named Flippers with hopes to encourage others to trust God in times of trial.


What Others Are Saying About Flippers

One of the most important skills that parents can give their children is that of coaching them as they process disappointment, loss and suffering.  Flippers is a must read book for every parent who wants to be all there for their children.  Kerry Tittle and her family have experienced the profound loss of her husband/their daddy and two daughters/their two sisters.  This courageous family have not only huddled up and brought comfort to one another, but they have decided to focus outward and  comfort others with the comfort that they have received.  If you are looking for a way to comfort a child who’s suffered a significant loss, this book delivers.  Flippers will not only allow you to enter in to a child’s grief, but give you wise counsel and practical steps in helping that child be honest about his or her hurt and believe the truth about God.

Dr. Dennis Rainey

Founder, FamilyLife

A delightful and incredibly moving story of a young platypus dealing with the confusing emotions of grief and the nagging question of why so much pain and evil continues to plague this world. The account is particularly gripping when we realize that the initial author is a grieving child who is learning, together with his mother, to look through the tears at God’s goodness and His plan of redemption. The book is beautifully illustrated and ends with some invaluable points for parents. I heartily recommend it as a wonderfully comforting tool for both grieving children and their parents. In fact, it’s a book that every family should own, because grief is all around us and we should be prepared to support others with compassion, understanding, and patience while we point them to Christ.

Simonetta Carr


This book gives me goosebumps! Asa is so gifted. And so young! This is amazing to me, frankly.

The illustrations are beautiful. Scripture is woven throughout which means TRUTH is being applied to a child’s grief. God’s truths.

I would recommend this book to anyone facing grief, whether a child or adult. The Scriptures speak for themselves. The story is delightful and provides a perfect backdrop for what’s actually being conveyed – God’s ever sustaining love. An answer to grief. Comfort for those who love the Lord. A Daddy in heaven who cares even for the littlest and least of these…

Gena Suarez

Publisher/Owner, The Old Schoolhouse

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