Articles written by those who have come to see part of God’s plan in the fire and want to rejoice.
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Inwardly Renewed – Denise’s Story

Intro by Butch Walker
Sometimes God’s faithfulness doesn’t necessarily mean that outward circumstances get better. Sometimes the outer self wastes away while God renews us inwardly. That was the case for Denise.

When Prayer Seems Pointless

by Christina Muñoz Madsen
I felt so helpless and scared. My coworker, Anne Pressly, was clinging to life in a hospital after having been brutally attacked in her own home and there was nothing I could do. All I could do was pray and, honestly, what good would that do?

Rescued from the Brink

by Christa Sue VerHoeven
Where it started, I don’t know. Maybe it was a result of a bad childhood, or the bullies of my early adolescence, or maybe I invited it in during the rebellion of my teenage years. All I really know is that it’s there. It’s been there for a long time, and it has pulled me down, deeper than I ever thought I could go. This “it” I’m talking about, is hopelessness.

Asking Like a Child

by Butch Walker
I’m starting a new job.
That is a momentous statement for me as it comes on the tail end of two months of searching for one, an experience which I had mercifully never had before. As is often true, the heat of unemployment revealed other significant dross in my heart.

The Day My Box Was Crushed

by Julie Hurlburt
In February of 2010, I was in a happy and contented place. I was a foster momma, and content to work towards the reunification of the children in my home. Then, one day I realized I was pregnant. It made me nervous. I vividly remember saying “God’s ways are better than my ways. His plans are better than my plans, so I will trust Him in this pregnancy”.
And then, twelve very short weeks into my pregnancy, I began to bleed.

Life Support

by Kerry Tittle
This morning an odd prayer escaped while I was pouring coffee.
“Lord, how much longer must I be on this spiritual life support?”
I was surprised that came from me. Was that really what was tucked away in my heart?

Keep Fighting for Joy

by Evangeline Stanton
This was not easy to write, and it’s not easy to share. But now that I have experienced a little bit of healing, I felt like it was time:
This is my first time telling the virtual world about the mental health struggle I have been battling for years… and I have to admit I’m a little scared. It’s hard to put yourself out there…. To let the world see what’s on the inside. I share because I am thankful for this struggle.

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