Articles written to remind you of the truth that can be easily eclipsed by suffering

Battlefields and Gauntlets

by Kerry Tittle

A few years ago I was asked to tell my story at a Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF) national conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There was nothing unusual about this until a man walked in the room. There in the front row sat David Powlison. I made it through but not without the overwhelming feeling of insecurity and inability. Then it happened. The email that announced his diagnosis with stage IV pancreatic cancer. WHY God!?!

Five Years and Still Hoping Against Hope

By Kerry Tittle
1,826 days. 43,829 hours. My new world doesn’t seem that old, but the numbers say it has been five years since the tornado ripped through and destroyed my life taking my husband and precious daughters. Five years since I have heard their laugh. Five years since we had a trauma free life. Five years.
But I recently was struck by this statement about Abraham: “In hope he believed against hope.” Romans 4:18a

Problems, Prayer, Paradise and a Platypus

by Kerry Tittle
I keep thinking that at some point in my life I am going to quit being surprised at the things God does. He is insanely unpredictable!
I look through the Bible at the odd things He uses in the lives of people. A donkey, pots, trumpets, frogs, locusts………but for me… a platypus? So what does my life have to do with a platypus?

The Good Portion and Single Parenting

by Kerry Tittle
Recently, I have struggled being a single mom. I have a whole new respect for single parents who have to juggle the load of being two people. Its tough!

My Friend Peter

by Kerry Tittle
During my journey in the valley I have developed a love hate relationship with Peter.
In my earlier days, I would mentally scoff at him, standing around that campfire, cowardly denying Christ at such a crucial time. He was such an obstinate brute, and now look at him. That was until my world was turned upside down and I began to avoid suffering with Christ in the very same manner.

Guy with a Funny Name (but a Great Story!)

by Kerry Tittle
Before my world collapsed, I was fairly certain that my faith couldn’t be shaken. After the trial, the reality of that disillusion exploded. The truth was I never had anything to offer God.
This brings me to a beautiful story.
Mephibosheth is a guy with a funny name but an amazing story.

I’m Not Leaving!

by Kerry Tittle
In the wilderness, there are two questions that are universal. “Why”? and “Where is God in all this?”
There was a turning point for me when I spent several despondent hours at the graveside of my family. The loss. My life seemingly was falling apart. I sat on the hood of my car with tears steaming down my face. In my stubbornness I looked up and said (maybe loudly) “I am not leaving here until you show up!”

Control Panels

by Kerry Tittle
Science fiction shows always seem to have these insanely-overdone control panels. But recently, I have come to realize that my heart looks a lot like that Sci-Fi control panel. But when situations go wrong, I always felt I needed to jump into action. You don’t just let go and let God, right?
Maybe sometimes.

The Masterpiece

by Kerry Tittle
“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” – Eph 2:10
Those words have become so beautiful to me. They are a secure reminder that a sovereign Father has already written my story long before I was ever born, and I can quit striving for a different story. I am His masterpiece. But it didn’t always feel that way for me.

God or LORD of Your Suffering?

by Butch Walker
I noticed something this morning that I haven’t seen before in Genesis 1-3. There’s a very interesting pattern in the way God is named.

Dropping Your Nets, Part 2

by Kerry Tittle
I began to understand grace in ways I had never known.
He showed me who I really was. Not the person I was striving to be. He took away my stone cold heart of legalism and began to replace it with a heart of compassion for a hurting world. I saw past tattoos and piercings. I was interested in their heart.
Who was this person?

Dropping Your Nets, Part 1

by Kerry Tittle
Outwardly, I tried to be as humble as possible when people complimented me on my beautiful family, but all the while pride and legalism were destroying me one self-righteous thought at a time.

Until the day my kingdom collapsed.

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