Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tried you in the furnace of affliction.
– Isaiah 48:10

Facing the refining fire of trials?

We’ve been there too.

Let’s share the journey together.

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The Heartbreak of a Prodigal

by Kerry Tittle and Butch Walker
There is just something gut wrenching about seeing a weeping parent begging for salvation on behalf of a child. Whether the child is young or an adult the experience is equally as painful. Sometimes the very words, “I will pray for you” can hurt worse when it seems your own prayers have been ineffective.

Problems, Prayer, Paradise and a Platypus

by Kerry Tittle
I keep thinking that at some point in my life I am going to quit being surprised at the things God does. He is insanely unpredictable!
I look through the Bible at the odd things He uses in the lives of people. A donkey, pots, trumpets, frogs, locusts………but for me… a platypus? So what does my life have to do with a platypus?


by Kerry Tittle
As I am desperately trying to crawl to the edge of this chasm that separates me from God, Romans 8:38 echoes in the corners of my mind. But when you are in the pervasive throes of grief there is an overwhelming sense of abandonment.

Life can be bumpy and sometimes children get hurt

This imaginative tale, straight from the heart of a child, can help children and parents find hope and healing in the greatest story of all — the gospel.