Articles written to reassure you that you are not alone in the valley.

The Heartbreak of a Prodigal

by Kerry Tittle and Butch Walker
There is just something gut wrenching about seeing a weeping parent begging for salvation on behalf of a child. Whether the child is young or an adult the experience is equally as painful. Sometimes the very words, “I will pray for you” can hurt worse when it seems your own prayers have been ineffective.


by Kerry Tittle
As I am desperately trying to crawl to the edge of this chasm that separates me from God, Romans 8:38 echoes in the corners of my mind. But when you are in the pervasive throes of grief there is an overwhelming sense of abandonment.

Go Away Mara

by Kerry Tittle
This week will close on the fourth anniversary of the day that shattered my life. There is always a dread that escorts me to this day. Obviously, the disturbing memories are difficult, but I deal with those daily. There is another dread: the dawning of a “New Year” that puts yet another dark year behind me without a clue of what lies ahead.
But I believe the hardest part of this journey is the fight for Truth.

No Walk in the Park

by Kerry Tittle
I’ve noticed that the word walk comes up often in the language of “Christianese”. We refer to our “walk” with the Lord or maybe simply our “walk”. When people hear this, it somehow gives the impression of a delightful stroll with our Savior – serene and uneventful.
If we were to be honest, walking with God is rarely, if ever, a walk in the park – especially when it involves journeying through a wilderness.

The Merciful Fire of Trials

by Kerry Tittle
Merciful? When I was younger I was always told that mercy was being spared of what you really deserved. It seems counterintuitive that trials can be merciful.

Having both nothing and everything

by Isabella Tittle
I recall the morning of April 28th like I do no other. I remember opening my eyes only to see an unfamiliar ceiling. I tried to look around but I was unable to move my head side to side. I finally recalled why I was there. I remembered the tornado. I couldn’t believe it. I had nothing. I lost my Dad and two older sisters. I lost everything I owned.

My Unwanted Guest

by Kerry Tittle
Depression. I will never forget the day we met. You were intrusive, unwanted and refused to leave.

His Fellowship in our Sufferings

by Butch Walker
Suffering makes us feel alone. It isolates. No one has ever felt like me.
Paradoxically, we both seek to withdraw and long to know that we are not alone.
One of the most frequent divine encouragements is “Fear not, I am with you” and there is a special type of divine fellowship in suffering.

The Yoke of Understanding

by Butch Walker
How can we reconcile an “easy and light” yoke with Jesus’ promises that we would suffer and have trouble in this world? Certainly we don’t see the circumstances of Jesus’ life being easy or light. He experienced great agony and pain and, if we are yoked to him, promised that we would also. Yet He offers “rest for your souls.”

Be Still

by Kerry Tittle
When life presses in on us, we tend to look at the circumstance long and hard and not give a thought to the history of God’s faithfulness. And God says be silent.

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